From January to April 2015, I interned at the Northern Kentucky Health Department. I had to do 400 hours for my internship so I spent four days a week for 8 hour work shifts. I worked with Kelly Schwegman, who was my site supervisor. She worked in the Community Health Promotion Department and the majority of my projects revolved under this department.

Below is my monthly progress of my internship:


I started my internship on January 13th. Throughout the month, I have been learning about the programs conducted by the health department and adapting to the work environment.

A large amount of my time is spent learning and doing research on the health programs conducted through NKYHD. I started research into the Safe Route to School program and work-site wellness programs. I contacted Mark Fenton, an expert in the Safe Route to School program, about implementing focus groups for Williamstown.

I analyzed and input data for Get Heart Smart blood pressure from 20 schools. I have created a PowerPoint presentation about the return on investment for work-site wellness programs. I have fact checked and looked over Safe Route to School newsletters and a tobacco program progress report.

I attended several meetings and conferences inside and outside of the department. I attended a few meetings about the current Community Health Programs and future programs I can aid in. I attended the Health, Wellness, and Safety meeting at the North Kentucky Chamber of Commerce where we discussed the work-site wellness challenge. I attended the Green Umbrella Regional Trails Alliance Meeting where we discussed plans for the tri-state’s biking and walking trails. I attended the Community Health Promotion all staff meeting back at the office. I attended a conference call with my site supervisor about different organizations that focus on programs with cardiovascular health and stroke.

I attended the tri-state workplace wellness collaborative training conference that discussed maternal health in the workplace and in the community. I also wrote a summary report about the conference. I went over to the Medical Village Department to assist with filming the healthy start challenge for school aged children to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more, and cut down on sugary drinks and fatty foods.



Going into the second month of my internship, I became more comfortable in my roles with the health department. A large amount of my time is spent learning and doing research on health programs. I have done research about work-site wellness, PFLAG, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, program evaluation, logic models, implementation strategies, grant writing, data analysis, the SNAP program, health impact assessments, and health equity. I developed a reference guide for different types of health evaluation program techniques.

I have sent out weekly emails to the North Kentucky Health Department participants in the Work-site Wellness Challenge in order to encourage their progress throughout the program by providing informative articles about healthy living.

I labeled and stuffed envelopes for PFLAG and did research about PFLAG. I re-created an evaluation form specifically for PFLAG Grant County.

I viewed a webinar about bicycle safety for the Safe Routes to School program from the UNC Highway Safety Research Center. I have also watched webinars about focus groups to help develop the structure for the focus groups I will conduct at Williamstown. I created an excel sheet for potential focus group answers and making a word document for more qualitative answers for the focus groups. I watched several webinars about Safe Routes to School program in order to be familiar with the types of programs that succeeded across the country.

I made copies of newspaper articles about the Kentucky Smoking Ban and with them; I created two posters about the Smoke Free Kentucky Campaign. One poster focused on the news revolving around the Kentucky Smoking Ban and the second one focused on the campaign’s progress and accomplishments throughout one year.

I have also picked up some duties on managing the front desk with greeting people and signing them in, mail procedures, signing for packages, and being the point person for the door monitor, while the main division secretary is out on medical leave.


I have worked more with administrative tasks since the division secretary left on medical leave in early March. I have been buzzing in clients, helping them sign in, and informing staff that their client is here. I have collected and distributed out mail. I have also signed off on shipping packages and mailed copies of the shipping labels to the financial department in the Medical Village location on a weekly basis.

I finished up researching and providing information about the Chamber wellness challenge to the staff who participated in the event. I helped out with the HIV Prevention program and aided with stuffing information packets about HIV testing into condom packets for distribution at HIV Prevention events around the state.

I did research and collected information about the various programs provided by the Population Health Department under the North Kentucky Health Department. I created a document and a PowerPoint highlighting the information in the activities and insights into the different programs. I started to work on a Population Health poster with taglines describing each department that I collected from the staff.

I watched a webinar about Planning, Implementing, and Evaluation Using the RE-AIM Framework and wrote a summary about it. I collected and summarized grant opportunities for the Fit Classroom programs from various emails and websites. I did more data input for blood pressure for the Get Heart Smart Program. I did qualitative and quantitative data input and analysis for Kentucky Health County Rankings from 2010-2015 in MS Excel and MS Microsoft.



Within my final weeks at my internship at the North Kentucky Health Department, I finished working on the Population Health poster and tied up some loose end in a few minor projects. I created an organization chart about the different Population Health Departments. I compiled Diabetes resources and programs in the Northern Kentucky area. I helped design a binder cover for the Child Care Health Consultation department. I also did reminder calls for an upcoming Smoke Free Coalition meeting.

I attended a Grant Writing Workshop at the University of Cincinnati presented by Ken Hanson and wrote a report about it. I did further research into grant writing. I started collaboration with the Williamstown Safe Routes to School liaison for the focus groups and finished editing my documentation for the focus groups. Another staff person will continue with planning and implementation for the focus groups.

I appreciated my time at the Northern Kentucky Health Department and it was a great learning experience.



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