Additional Volunteer Work in College


Interviewed by the college newsletter about University of Cincinnati Feminists Club. I was the President of this club. News Record Article

Attended the 2014 Elect Her conference to gain the skills and tools to run for a government leadership position on and off campus.


Coordinated volunteers for the Wellness Center program called Health Huts. Scheduled volunteers to table at a health hut table on campus which promotes healthy living.

Volunteered at the Women’s Health Fair in 2013 at Robert’s Academy where I did registration and signing in for volunteers.

Interviewed by the college newsletter about a new clinic for transgender health and care. News Record Article


Volunteered at the 2013 University of Cincinnati Science and Engineering Expo.

Volunteered at the 2012 International Education week at the University of Cincinnati. I prepared room and cleaned up after presentations. I Introduced speakers at the event and I handed out information brochures.

Co-Captained in the University of Cincinnati learning community class in 2012. I sent out emails to classmates about upcoming homework assignments and test dates weekly.


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