RECLAIM is  a student led organization, devoted to ending sexual assault and gender-based violence on and beyond University of Cincinnati campus. We have one hour weekly meetings and four hour monthly in-services with a small, but powerful community.

Reclaim Peer Advocates are trained to provide support to survivors and to practice on campus advocacy by raising awareness of sexual and gender based violence issues across the university and in the community. Through collaboration and activism Reclaim advocates look to create opportunities for cultural change.

Reclaim advocates are empowered and engaged members of the UC community who are committed to creating real and lasting change in their community – on campus and beyond.

I have experience in a yearlong student led volunteer group at the University of Cincinnati called RECLAIM that conducts presentations and provides resources to survivors of sexual assault and gender-based violence. I attended a 40 hour advocacy training about skills and resources to provide support to survivors who have experienced sexual assault and gender based violence.

I have raised awareness by presenting hour long educational presentations about sexual assault to different clubs, organizations, and classes on campus. I also did tabling about consent to UC students to promote a culture of consent on campus. I attended a presentation and an exclusive group talk back session with White House advisor Lynn Rosenthal about Title IX and UC’s policies.


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